A UC account needs to set three security questions to keep it secure and to reset the password. The following sections will guide you in setting and maintaining the 3 questions associated with an account. 

Verifying OneLogin Security Questions are Set

  1. Go to the account Security Factors.

  2. Your OneLogin Security Questions are set if you see that listed as one of your Security Factors. Unfortunately, you can not see what questions and answers are currently in place. You may remove the factor and add it back in using the instructions below to be sure you are set.

  3. If the OneLogin Security Questions factor is not listed in the Factors. See the section below for instructions on how to add it. You may also wish to use this as your primary security factor.

Setting OneLogin Security Questions

  1. Go to the account Security Factors.

  2. Click or tap Add Factor

  3. If more than one factor is available select “OneLogin Security Questions”

  4. Select a question and add an answer. Repeat until all three questions are satisfied.

Your Security Factors might now look like this:

Changing Primary Security Factor

Click or tap the vertical ellipsis on a factor and “Set as primary” to change to a different Primary factor

NOTE: Set as Primary will only be available if you have more than one security factor set up.