You can do a password reset by navigating to our IT Services page at, then click on “What if I forgot my password?” From there, you will be asked to enter your given first name, last name, the last four of your Social Security Number, and then your UC ID number.  You can also click this link.

Please make sure that your password meets the complexity requirements listed on the page. Otherwise, it will not work. Also, make sure that you do not copy and paste any information into the fields as copying and pasting can result in unneeded leading or trailing spaces.

Your new password must...

  • not contain your first or last name
  • be at least 8 characters long
  • include:
    • numbers
    • upper-case and lower-case letters
    • at least one special character like ! @ # % - *

If you do not know your ID number, you can receive that from the Registrar’s office at (606) 539-4316. They will ask to verify some personal information.

Once you submit the form, you will then be shown your username and given confirmation that your password has been successfully updated.  Please allow 10 minutes for the new password to take effect.